Manchester United (and Cristiano) are still not working: another tie

United is still not working shortly after visiting Madrid for the Champions League. Rangnick’s team again obtained the same result (1-1) for the third consecutive game between Premier and FA Cup, putting in danger being among the top four. And, what is more newsworthy, Cristiano returned to stay without scoring in his sixth consecutive game. He has not yet scored in this 2022.

10 days before the match against Atlético in the Champions League round of 16, Manchester United confirmed one thing against ‘Soton’: that it is not right; that it is a team much inferior to what its name indicates; that fails a lot in attack -with Cristiano’s prolonged negative streak- and in defense, where he is a flan, above all, in the transitions that the rivals cause them.

In static attack it is a very weak team, without creativity, despite the fact that Pogba has returned to stay. With Fred still with COVID, the McTominay-Pogba duo seems predominant, but yesterday he had a hard time creating in positional attack. The 1-0 came in a quick play that culminated in Sancho (21′). It was shortly after Cristiano missed an opportunity without a goalkeeper, although with a defender under the post, inappropriate for his goalscoring voracity.

Right now CR7 is so unlucky that two goals in which he participated were annulled: the first, after an assist to Pogba in the 46th minute; and one of his own, at 72′, also canceled out of fire.

Cristiano Ronaldo is going through his worst scoring streak at club level in the last 13 years. The 37-year-old striker has yet to see a goal so far in 2022, staying ‘dry’ in Premier League games against Wolverhampton, Brentford, West Ham, Burnley, ‘Soton’ and Middlesbrough in the FA Cup, where He also missed a penalty. ‘Cris’ continues with the same figures: 14 total goals, six in the Champions League and eight in the Premier. But he hasn’t ‘wet’ since December 30. Too much.

The second half was a carbon copy of what happened in the recent draw against Burnley (1-1) and in the Cup elimination against Boro (1-1). The ‘Soton’ came up and United was not capable of creating or destroying. De Gea also ratified his Premier League ‘best player’ award in January, saving the team from him three or four times. Today, he is United’s best player…by far.

With this draw, United, fifth, loses the lead in the Champions League and can be overtaken by Arsenal, who are not playing this weekend but have two fewer games. Bad outlook for Rangnick’s team, which doesn’t finish starting. And good news for Atlético de Madrid, because not even the ‘ogre’ Cristiano is doing well. This Manchester is sustained today with De Gea.

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