Clippers come back 25 points to beat Denver

What a win for the Clippers and what a loss for the Nuggets. It depends on how you look at the game that was played last night at – it takes getting used to – it was a heroic deed or a debacle. For the locals it was the first, since they went from seeing themselves 25 points down to celebrating a long-suffering 89-85 victory that undoubtedly supposes a morale boost for future battles.

It was a meeting of contrasts. To give us a clear idea, Denver led 34-59 with seven minutes remaining in the third quarter; that is, by that time the Angelenos had scored 34 points in 29 minutes… To say that it was being a disaster is almost being generous, but from that moment on they were able to reverse the situation to score 55 points in the following 19 minutes. It was a radical change, one that culminated in a comeback that left the Nuggets with a very bad taste in their mouths.

“Probably more important than the turnovers is that we have a really good player that we couldn’t pass the ball to. We had a lot of guys looking a little nervous as they turned up the pressure. Anytime you lose a game where you were leading by 25 points in the second half, it’s unacceptable… But if you can’t get Nikola Jokic involved in your basketball, that’s a big deal,” says Mike Malone, head coach from Denver

Written by svenscan

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