Novak Djokovic’s mother talks about the photos of the controversy: “I did not know it was positive”

Photos of the Novak Djokovic controversy remain in the spotlight. The number 1 in the world of tennis would have attended several public events at the same time that he was positive for coronavirus. A positive that ‘Nole’ himself defends that he gave, in order to enter Australia and play the first Grand Slam, but that at the same time leaves him in the pillory, because he was not isolated and was invited to various events in addition to possible possible travels. His mother, Dijana, has defended that the Belgrade man was unaware of it when it happened.

“I did not know that he was positive for Covid-19, probably. When he found out the result he isolated himself,” explained Dijana Djokovic on the 7News Sunrise breakfast program. “I don’t know anything, it is best to ask him,” she added. A situation that again points to Djokovic, since he defends that he did test positive, so he could enter the country, but at the same time he participated in public events and traveled to other countries (Marbella), something that goes against health regulations .

Djokovic is on the ropes. You are presented with a complex situation in which you must prove that you did not lie at Customs Control (a serious crime) in which you stated that you were not vaccinated for a positive in December, and also deal with the fact that you attended public events while it was positive, the dates seem to indicate.

Furthermore, Dijana Djokovic thinks that the case in which her son participates is not over. “I am very worried about the deportation. The newspapers say they want to deport him. I pray for him to stay in Australia and play,” she said.

Everything, obviously, related to vaccination. Something that from the Djokovics continue to insist that it is a personal decision. “I do not know what the problem is. It is his choice. You can not persecute him to do it. Do a PCR every day or whatever you want, and then you will see that he is healthy. What is the problem,” he sentenced.

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