LeBron James’ gift that Steph Curry as a treasure

For a decade or so, the NBA has watched the personal rivalry between LeBron James and Stephen Curry grow into one of the league’s biggest showcases.

The almost hegemony that both players have established when it comes to dividing up finals and winning rings make them the greatest enemies, for each other, when both were in different conferences and now that they share the West.

But there was a time when LeBron James was the greatest idol for Stephen Curry, a reference, a goal that, little by little, he has been reaching. From a young college student to an NBA star.

In a recent interview with G.Q., Curry revealed that he still treasures a very special gift that he received from LeBron when he still dreamed of playing in the NBA: an autographed Cavs jersey with a personal message.

“I was a sophomore in college and LeBron came to my games!” said the Warriors. “Actually, I still have the shirt he gave me. He signed me a shirt. I think that was in November of my junior year. On my wall, at my parents’ house in Charlotte, it’s still there. And he wrote me a message. He called me the king of basketball in North Carolina. So I guess it’s like your typical idol-turned-rivals story. “

When you think about it, it’s almost unimaginable the value that that shirt could acquire if one day, Curry, decided to auction it. Although, for someone like Steph, the meaning of that is what really is invaluable.

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